Really the first question we have to ask. 

Why an Engagement Broadcast? 

Because consumers want a conversation. Your audience demands it, and simply broadcasting no longer works the way that it used to.

What is it?

If you ever watched a televised wedding you know what it is not. In a mobile, connected web consumer opinion and sentiment drive brand values and perception. Telling someone what to think about you no longer works. Audience engagement is a metric associated with the semantic web, Google engagement ads, semantic search and mobile reach. It has become the key to making content worth producing. 

An SEOWiSE Engagement Broadcast is a mutually beneficial real-time conversation between brands and their audience, that anyone with access to the internet can participate in.

Using a blend of cutting edge technology and engagement strategy, we create a powerful semantically relevant conversation, and a trackable content plume around the event. All of this deep context engagement is focused on your brand and indexed by Google.

Efficient Content Creation

After the live event, the video is cut into segments and processed for strategically placed short video clips, blog posts, and podcasts with transcripts. This content is also indexed by Google when published, creating an immediate ontology, or "knowledge base" of relevant information around your brand.

Hangouts, YouTube, and LiveStream

We use Google Hangouts as the virtual studio for our engagement event. Anyone can join with a link, no account required.

Using LiveStream Studio software, we transform the Hangout into a network quality production. This is broadcast via Youtube Live. Anyone can watch or participate from any device with Internet access.

A Real-Time Conversation with the World

Your audience joins us via the text and image layers of the social platform they choose. We engage them with you, wherever they are. Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, wherever they are comfortable. We use each social space for what it's best at, bridging the gap between brands and fans by carefully guiding the conversation.